Stop the Steal

Key Figures in the Insurrection

Ali Alexander and 'Stop the Steal' Were Central to Jan. 6

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack launches its first public hearings June 9, and Alexander and “Stop the Steal” are likely to figure prominently in its findings. Alexander sat for eight hours of testimony in front of the committee on Dec. 9, and in April, a lawyer for Alexander said he would cooperate with the Department of Justice’s Jan. 6 investigation—a claim on which Alexander promptly threw cold water.

Right Wing Watch extensively covered Ali Alexander and the so-called Stop the Steal movement ahead of Jan. 6. Here’s what you need to know.

Who is Ali Alexander? What is Stop the Steal?

On Nov. 4, 2020, Donald Trump falsely claimed mail-in ballots were being used to steal the election, and declared himself the victor.

Waiting in the wings was Ali Alexander.

He publicly launched Stop the Steal—a campaign to get right-wing activists to discredit mail-in voting, disrupt vote-counting, and falsely accuse local officials of stealing the election.

Ali Alexander served as the lead organizer. He called on his deep network of Republican legislators, political strategists, and far-right activists to join the effort.

And when Trump told the crowd to march on the Capitol on January 6th, Alexander joined Alex Jones walking past barricades, onto the Capitol grounds, and up the Capitol steps, where Trump loyalists were fighting their way inside.

Despite what he had seen up close, he falsely claimed that it was peaceful, and refused to disavow the insurrection. And he didn’t stop there. He has continued to work to undermine our democracy and downplay his role in the attack on January 6th ever since.


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