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How you can protect our democracy

Below you’ll find different activist tools to help you in the fight for the preservation of the peaceful transfer of power. Each tool has been designed to make it as easy as possible to let your local elected officials know how important this issue is to you and to help get a local resolution passed.

How to Write a Letter to the editor

Letters to the editor are another great advocacy tool. Many elected officials will read LTEs in their local paper, it’s a great way to reach your local community, and can often give a more personal, emotional view point than a news article.

We’ve created an easy click to share tool for you to send a letter to the editor to your local paper. If you feel so inclined, please make it your own.

Never written a letter to the editor? Here's an example!

To the Editor,

The January 6 Committee public hearings will be airing this month, and I encourage everyone to watch and follow them closely. If anybody has forgotten just how close we came to losing our democracy that day in 2021, these hearings should remind them.

The rioters who attacked the Capitol broke the law and should be held accountable. But the riot itself was only one piece of the plot. If there is one thing that’s become crystal clear, it’s that this attempted coup was a crime that was plotted, organized and led at the highest levels, for months. That’s terrifying.

These hearings should be a priority for all Americans. But it shouldn’t stop there. It’s time for us to stop accepting the Big Lie from politicians who know it’s false but use it to further their own careers. It’s time to demand that the masterminds behind the coup – not just the foot soldiers – are held accountable. It’s time to put elected officials, from top to bottom, on record: do you stand for the peaceful transfer of power in our democracy, or with the mob?

We almost lost everything this country stands for, just months ago. We’re all responsible for making sure it can never happen again.


Your name

How to pass local resolutions

A local resolution is an expression of support from a town or county body. Local resolutions are a great way to educate the public as well as send a strong signal to state and federal legislators that people care about democracy and the safe and reliable transfer of power.

Know Your Local Community

Every city council, county commission, village board or other local government has different rules about how local resolutions are passed. Find out how it works in your locality. Does the resolution need to go through a subcommittee before reaching the full legislative body? How many votes are needed for the resolution to pass both the subcommittee and the full body? Can the mayor, chair or president veto the resolution?

Research members of your local council/commission and mayor to find out who is most concerned about election integrity. These elected officials will be your first call to set up meetings to discuss the resolution.

Build a Coalition

Find out if there are local groups who are also concerned with these issues, because building a coalition is an important step in this process. The more groups and individuals who express support for the resolution, the more likely it is to pass. You’ll want to reach out to said groups and coordinate efforts to get the resolution passed. Remember to try and have a coalition that is diverse and representative of your community.

Building Support in the Legislator

Schedule informal meetings with your selected elected officials. Bring along key people from your coalition to show there is broad support.

Reach Out to the Local Community

If you have time and resources, you can collect signatures from the local community in support of your resolution that you can take to the public hearing.

Plan for a Great Public Hearing

Fill the room as much as possible with supporters for the resolution. It will be helpful to identify individuals who have a strong voice in the community who are willing to testify in support of the resolution. Before the hearing, make sure to find out the rules for the hearing, including time limits on speakers.

Don’t Give Up!

Sometimes setbacks happen. That’s ok. Continue to build support in your community and do outreach to your elected officials. Sometimes someone will tell you no now, to join the movement later on. You’re on your way. You’re doing great work!

how to Connect with your legislators at town halls

There is no more direct or effective way to engage your local elected officials than by attending a Town Hall and raising your hand or getting in line to ask a question. To find out if your local council has any scheduled Town Halls you can visit their website or call their main office to inquire. Try to bring some friends with you, and plan to have more than one person ask a question along the same lines. For maximum effect, make sure to get a recording of you asking your question. If you post it on social media and tag us, we can help uplift your important activism and encourage others to do the same.

Sample questions that you can ask at a Town Hall

As elected officials, you have earned your right to represent your constituents by winning the most votes in an election. Do you believe in the peaceful transfer of power as a cornerstone of democracy, and if so, do you unequivocally denounce the violence on the January 6th insurrection?

This summer the House Select Committee on the January 6th insurrection held hearings on the findings of their investigation. Their final report is expected to be released this fall. Do you think there should be accountability for what happened on January 6th, and would you sign onto a resolution in support of the peaceful transfer of power?

Since 2020, there has been a persistent Big Lie spread by Donald Trump, that the last presidential election was somehow stolen, despite President Biden winning by more than 7 million votes. This Big Lie inspired a violent mob to attack the Capitol on January 6th, 2021 in an attempt to shut down the certification process. Do you accept the results of the 2020 election?

I am concerned that The Big Lie has so consumed the Far Right that our upcoming elections are in jeopardy, not from voter fraud, but from elected officials acting in their own self-interest. What will you do to make sure that the voters’ will is enacted after the next election?

Spread the message on social media

Your communities need to hear from you about why you care about the January 6th hearings - and what you're doing to protect our democracy. Personalize and post the content below to help spread the message!

We demand justice for January 6th - so we can make sure it never happens again. [Add why you'll be watching the hearings!] #Jan6Justice

I'm working to protect our democracy because....[fill in your answer].


We can never forget just how close we came to losing our democracy on #Jan6. #Jan6Justice