take action: Elected Officials

How you can protect our democracy

Local elected officials play a vitally important role in our communities and in our democracy as a whole.

As part of our broader efforts to raise awareness of the threats to our future elections and the peaceful transfer of power, we are working with members of our Young Elected Officials network to introduce and pass resolutions putting local governments on record in support of honoring the bedrock foundation of our democracy, respecting the will of the voters.

You can find a sample resolution below. Feel free to take this template and adapt the language to your own locality.

Sample Resolution to Protect Our Democracy

Sample Resolution to Protect OurDemocracy

Spread the message on social media

Your constituents need to hear from you about the importance of preventing another insurrection - and what you're doing to protect our democracy. Customize and use the sample social materials available below to share your commitment to upholding our free and fair elections.

I was elected to serve my constituents - and protecting our democracy is vital to that promise. To make that promise a reality, I'm pledging to [insert your action]. #Jan6Justice #PeopleForDemocracy

As an elected official, I'm committed to respecting the will of the voters - and making sure #Jan6 never happens again. I'm working to protect our democracy by [add your action!]. #Jan6Justice

As elected officials, it's our duty to respect and protect the will of the voters - and make sure something like January 6th never happens again. #Jan6Justice